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Blue Azores Marine Protected Areas Assistant


Care about the environment and want to make a difference? Focused on conservation and sustainable use of the Azores Sea, the Blue Azores Program contributes to the protection, promotion and valuation of the archipelago's marine resources, creating new pathways for the sustainable economic development of the region.

The selected candidate will:

  • Compile, synthesize, and support the analysis of existing spatial data regarding natural values, habitats, bathymetric surveys, and human uses in the different islands of the Azores, in coordination with the Blue Azores team, Regional Directorate for Fisheries (DRP) and Regional Directorate for Maritime Policies (DRPM);

  • Produce data sets suitable for the SeaSketch platform in coordination with the Blue Azores and Seasketch teams;

  • Assist with interaction with data holders, such as science teams, government departments, information providers, to compile and access relevant data in support of marine protected areas designation, planning and management plans, particularly related to the “coastal” planning area (generally within 0 to 6 nm of the coast);

  • Support the coastal process of marine protected areas designation and implementation, including providing support to the teams developing systematic conservation planning and presenting scientific information about the natural values and conservation features in each island in the stakeholder engagement meetings;

  • Provide drafting assistance in developing MPA management plans with specific objectives, rules, zoning, and other implementation measures;

  • Assist in coordinating the RGA-led work group, comprised of RGA staff from relevant Secretaries, that will provide oversight to the drafting of management plans;

  • Compile, synthetize and support the analysis of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and MPA related legislation;

  • Support other programmatic work for Blue Azores as needed;

  • Develop progress reports and memos.


Professional Qualifications:

  • University degree;

  • 1-3 years of direct experience in spatial data and analysis, and database management;

  • Related experience in conservation or marine science planning, spatial data and analysis, or related topics;

  • Fluency in English and Portuguese;

  • Teamwork and cooperation;

  • Accountability and responsibility;

  • Analytical thinking;

  • Rigor, accuracy and attention to detail;

  • Resilience and stress management;

  • Sense of urgency and priority setting.


This position will be based in Faial (Azores)

Blue Azores Content and Digital Manager link para partilhar:

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