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Blue Azores Content and Digital Consultant


Care about the environment and want to make a difference? Focused on conservation and sustainable use of the Azores Sea, the Blue Azores Program contributes to the protection, promotion and valuation of the archipelago's marine resources, creating new pathways for the sustainable economic development of the region.

The Contractor will serve as Content and Digital Consultant for the Blue Azores Program. The Contractor will work directly with the Communication team of the Blue Azores Program contributing to develop and implement a communications strategy and plan to highlighting the program as a critical tool for sustainable growth of marine activities, resources, and the economy in the Azores.

The Contractor will have a strong activity on social media content and management, supporting awareness campaigns both online and offline with briefing agencies, developing and preparing budgets, reinforcing engaging content and implementing actions those campaigns achieve their objectives.

The selected candidate will:


• Support the Communication team in developing marketing and communication plans of the Blue Azores program, including establish campaign objectives, manage campaign calendar, complete tasks, and identify and solve problems;

• Propose, develop, and deliver regional offline and online campaigns, from briefing stage through to campaign management, optimization, and reporting;

• Support the program’s image and positioning on online channels, writing, reviewing, editing, and updating content for the Blue Azores website, blogs, social media, and marketing materials;

• Create new and engaging content for social media, to reach and engage the Azorean population, respond to questions or complaints, and promote civil society initiatives;

• Monitor social media plan and company website metrics utilizing SEO methods to increase site traffic;

• Collaborate with creative agencies and other freelancers with the design of visual content and promotional materials;

• Perform regular Media performance analysis and report.


Professional Qualifications:

  • 3 years (minimum) of professional experience in copywriting, digital branding, digital marketing, and content management;

  • Experience in creating engaging content, with a portfolio of applicable outputs;

  • Experience in preparing, managing online campaigns and result reports;

  • Experience in dealing with Communication suppliers and outsourcing solutions, including video, photography, design, and creative agencies;

  • Self-motivated with the ability to work in a fast-paced and changing environment;

  • Organized with strong time management skills, and the ability to work under pressure, coordinating tight deadlines;

  • Strong communication and interpersonal/teamwork skills;

  • Quick learner;

  • Portuguese native speaker who is fluent in English.

This position will be based in São Miguel (Azores)

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